''Hotch-Potch'' (''Turlu Guvec'') at 2 festivals in Turkey


The newst project by Pro Rodopi Art Centre - ''Hotch-Potch'' (''Turlu Guvec'') will be presented at 2 festivals in Turkey in May 2015.

On 20 and 21 May there will be 4 shows in the frame of the 1st International Puppet festival in Ankara in Theatre ''Tempo''.

On 24 may the production will be presented twice at the 10th International Theatre Festival in Eskisehit at the City Theatre.

Pro Rodopi Art Centre
(Bostina, Bulgaria)
multimedia production for kids and parents

Written, Directed and Produced by Petar Todorov
Design by Hannah Schwartz
Music by Petya Dimanova
Cameraman and multimedia by Êîstadin Georgiev
Film edited by Kostadin Serezliev
Visual effects by Êîstadin Georgiev and Desislava Mincheva
Scenario consulted by Andrey Filipov and Kostadin Georgiev
Cameraman assisted by Atanas Georgiev

Theatre part with the participanticipation of Desislava Mincheva
Film part with the participations of Desislava Mincheva, Lyudmila Daskalova, Teodora Chausheva, Siyana Bashova, Ralitza Batkodjova, Alexander Tzvetkov, Apostol Kichukov, Radostin Kovachev, Yoan-Asen Todorov, Boyan Daskalov, Stefan Vuntzov, Hristo Burdev, Tatyana Kehayova, Petar Todorov a.o.

Duration: 30-35 min, no break

The production has been supported by EU–Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Project: Culture and Art Grant Scheme.

Turlu Guvec is based on environmental issue – the usage of plastic bags and the polution humans do to the Earth. The production tells how an alien comes to a planet covered with plastic bags and finds an old movie tape which shows how all this happened. In the movie a mixed Bulgarian-Turkish family goes to the market to buy food to cook turlu guvec. They bring home enormous amount of plastic bags, and they throw all the plastics around their beautiful house. The alien saves the planet from plastic bags and brings back life to it.

The movie, which is made like silent movies from beginning of 20th century, uses only common words in Bulgarian and Turkish languages.

Every year the world produces between 4 and 5 trillion plastic bags.
In Bulgaria, approximately 1.2 billion plastic disposable bags are used per year.
Less than 2% of them are recycled .

Turlu Guvec (Hotch-Potch) is a multimedia production for kids and parents. When performing for schools, best audience is between 8 and 12 years old.