Pro Rodopi Art Centre made a break through in the U.S.A.!


Pro Rodopi Art Centre has returned from the U.S.A. where it presented its latest physical theatre production ‘Delta’ with 17 performances – 4 at Baltimore Theatre Project, 3 in the official programme of Live Arts and Philly Frindge Festival in Philadelphia and 10 at La MaMa/Annex in New York. The tour was made possible due the support of Trust for Mutual Understanding in New York and National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

The quotes from the press in New York speak themselves about the success of the tour and of the experimental work of ‘Delta’ as such:

‘Delta’ feels like a throwback to the theatrical revolutions of the late 60s, a deep, moving and active performance.’ (Elizabeth Zimmer/Metro, New York)

‘Total concentration and complete physical involvment by the women create intriguing, misterious journeys, which hold us rapt. ‘Delta’ affirms the communicative force of body, voice, and personality, reduced – or elevated – to emotional essences. It’s an example of the kind of focused performance artistry to which many young dancers and movement artists might aspire.” (Gus Solomons Jr./Gay City News, New York)

‘…each woman ultimately hits her stride. Here is the magic and the power of the theatre. A palpable intensity filled the room, and everyone, performer and observer alike, seemed to be on the same page. The layout of the space, with spectators on all four sides, allowed the audience to watch not only the performers, but also each other, which inexplicably added volumes to the evening. It turned a heavy, personal, and meditative moment into something to be shared with a room full of strangers. The crux of the strength of the piece, though, lies in its women, and even to their staged final moment, their power is a force.’ (Robin Reed/

‘…this recent work is powerful and embarrassingly shoking for the audience…’(Sara G. Levin/Villager, New York)

‘The vocal noises are extraordinary, gut-wrenching…The performances are astonishing, riveting…’ (Deborah Jowitt/The Village Voice, New York)

The full reviews are available online under the ‘Delta’ project in

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (PRAC) has received invitations to perform again in America in January 2010.

The Artistic director of PRAC Petar Todorov continued his work with four choreographers/dancers from Philadelphia – Bethany Formica, Kate Watson-Wallace, Charles Anderson and Meredith Rainey - on a new project called ‘American Silences’. This project was initiated together with Dance Advance in Philadelphia and should be completed in 2008.