‘Hair’-new physical theatre production by Pro Rodopi Art Centre


Pro Rodopi Art Centre released a new physical theatre production for adults – ‘Hair’. It is a solo of Desislava Mincheva. The concept of the production has been developed by Petar Todorov, who is also director and producer. Costumes are done by Nikolina Kostova – Bogdanova.

‘Hair’ has been realised in a cooperation with the cultural centre TNT in Bordeaux, France where PRAC had a residency in the period 30 June – 13 July, and released the show on 10th July.


a physical theatre solo

Performed by Desislava Mincheva
Concept and Directed by Petar Todorov
Costumes by Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
Music environment Petar Todorov and Desislava Mincheva

Duration 50’, no break

Created with the support by Pro Rodopi Foundation (Bostina, Bulgaria) and TNT Manufacture de chaussures (Bordeaux, France)

‘Hair’ is a collage of a few physical and emotional landscapes, based on initial choreographies by Petar Todorov, Desislava Mincheva and Gregor Kamnikar from the productions ‘Anatomy of Extreme’, ‘Delta’ and Chaos-Body without Doors’. The solos are put this time in a different context and are designed in a brand new visual line. The production uses the hair as a symbol of the female power. Hiding the hair of the woman has been historically routed in many world cultures, incl. Bulgarian one. Playing with the image of the hair, the solo explores female sensitivity on issues like, confusion, fear, desire, freedom with the means of the physical theatre.