Pro Rodopi Art Centre in Singapore


Pro Rodopi Art Centre from Bostina and Substation from Singapore got a grant to realize an exchange programme during 2009.

Desislava Mincheva and Petar Todorov from PRAC will visit Singapore in the period 23 August – 2 September. Their programme includes a presentation of the physical theatre production ‘Hair’ on 30 Aug, 8pm at Substation. Beside that Petar and Desislava will do a 3-days exchange work with the group of Elizabeth de Roza, and a 2-days workshop on basis of physical action for local practicioners.

Audrey Wang and Jocelyn Chua from Substation will visit Bulgaria in the period 1-9 November 2009. They will present the production “Love Songs from an Island’ on 3rd Nov, 7pm at Youth Theatre in Sofia and on 6th Nov, 7pm during ‘Aquarius Era Festival of Bulgarian Dance, Physical and Visual Theatre in Bourgas at ‘Adriana Boudevska’ Drama Theatre. Audrey and Jocelyn will also make presentation lectures of their work within the context of Singaporean performing arts on a pressconference in Sofia and during the conference of European Off Network in Bourgas.

The exchange of PRAC and Substation is supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation as a follow-up project of the Artists' Network and Autonomous Cultural Centres series.

Support has been provided by Pro Rodopi Foundation, Substation, Art Office and Theatre in a Suitcase Independent Foundation as well.