Petar Todorov at Kosmopolis Den Haag residency


The Artistic director of Pro Rodopi Art Centre Petar Todorov completed an artistic residency in the period 17 November 2009 - 16 February 2010 under the programme Kosmopolis Den Haag in The Hague, The Netherlands ( During the residency Petar worked on three projects.

On 18th Dec 2009 at 20.30h at Zeebelt Theatre in The Hague he presented work in progress of ''Miss Julie'' physical theatre project under his concept and direction, based on the play of August Strindberg, together with the Dutch choreographer Sjoerd Vreudenghill, and the performers Sabina Perry, Gable Roelofsen, Sylain Meret and Efrem Stein. It was a coproduction of The Royal Theatre in The Hague, Zeebelt Theatre and Kosmopolis.

In January-February 2010 he worked on and presented the two photoinstallations ''Walls in the Hague. Colour and Texture'' and ''Walls in the Hague. Meditation'' , together with the Dutch photographer Zaida Oenema. They can be seen in utube:

In January Petar led three workshops in The Hague under the theme 'To Structure a Space' with art practicioners and students at different public locations in the city.