Bulgarian openings of 'Ball' project on 3 and 4 Sept 2011


The openings of the newest project by PRAC - 'Ball' will be on 3 and 4 Sept 2011 at 19h in Plovdiv State Puppet Theatre.

During summer months June to August Pro Rodopi Art Centre is preparing at a residence a new project under the title 'Ball' in co-operation with Zahrada Centre for Independent Culture from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

The project involves artists like Jaro Vinarsky, Desislava Mincheva, Petar Todorov, Hannah Schwartz, Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova, Petya Dimanova etc. The topic is relationship of Human Being to Mother Earth.

The project is realized with the support by Ministries of culture of Slovakia and Bulgaria, as well as with cooperation of Plovdiv State Puppet Theatre, Ustovo Community Centre etc.

The openning in Slovakia is on 3 October at 19h in 'Zahrada' Centre for Independent Culture in Banska Bystrica.

The production has already been invited for presentations at several festivals: 'Pierrot' in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) on 24 Sept, at 'Bratislava in Movement' (Slovakia) on 30 Sept, 'Aquarius Era' in Bourgas (Bulgaria) on 8, 9 and 10 Oct etc.

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bostina/Bulgaria) &
Zahrada Centre for Independent Culture (Banska Bystrica/Slovakia)


A Physical Theatre Project

Concept & Directed by Petar Todorov
Devised & Performed by Jaro Vinarsky and Desislava Mincheva
Set Design Hannah Schwartz
Costume Design Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
Music Petya Dimanova
Metal construction Roumen Benkovski
Light design Tomas Moravek and Katarina Duricova
Co-production Plovdiv State Puppet Theatre (Plovdiv/Bulgaria)
Produced by Petar Todorov and Jaro Vinarsky

Duration: 2 parts of 45 min with a break of 15 min

Created with the support by
Ministry of Culture of Slovakia, Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, Pro Rodopi Foundation, SKOK Association and Kiril Madzharov-1866 Community Centre

For contacts:
Petar Todorov,,, +359 888 639923
Jaro Vinarsky,, +421 948 600 749