PRAC programmes 'Include the City' Festival in Bourgas


Pro Rodopi Art Centre was commissioned by Municipality of Bourgas to programme the performance part of ‘Include the City’ festival. The event will be held in two consecutive years, and it is funded by European Fund for Regional Development of EU through the programme ‘Regional Development 2007-2013’.

First festival ‘Include the City’ will be held in Bourgas between 23 and 25 March 2012. The whole event includes performances, concerts, film, exhibitions, installations, workshops etc.

The performance programme, selected by PRAC, includes work by Pro Rodopi Art Centre, Fireter Theatre, Dune Dance Co., Black Style Break Club, Bourgas Puppet Theatre - all from Bulgaria; Arma Theatre (Israel), Jaro Vinarsky (Slovakia), Matthew Rogers (USA) a.o.