A-Team project at PRAC, 15 July-5 August 2012


The Bulgarian part of A-team project was held at Pro Rodopi Art Centre in Bostina between 15 July and 5 August 2012.

The young design artist from UK Isaac Wilcox did hold a residency at PRAC and worked on the project focused on bad road infrastructure in the village of Bostina. He was working in close collaboration with young Bulgarian designer Gabriela Tzonkova and the young Bulgarian filmmaker Atanas Georgiev. Two managers from PRAC – Desislava Mincheva and Petar Todorov, the local mediator Ivan Marinski, and volunteers from the village was involved in the project as well. a 30-meters long road installation under the title 'Landing figures' was created in the village of Bostina on one of the streets with worst condition.

The aim of the project was to help locals to find informal solutions how to improve their infrastructure and to focus the attention of local authorities on problems of small villages in the region.

The project has been supported by Engine Room project of Trans Europe Halles (, funded through an EC grant.