'Garbage for Plums' in The Netherlands and Belgium in May 2013


One of the most popular productions by Pro Rodopi Art Centre - 'Garbage for Plums' will be on tour to The Netherlands and Belgium in May 2013, as follows:

5th May 2013, Sunday, 14h and 16h
Magisch Theatertje
Molenweg 4
6225 NC Maastricht - NL (Wijk 25 Amby)
Reservations: +31 (0) 43 3630826

8th May 2013, Wednesday, 14.30h
DE CENTRALE | intercultureel centrum
Kraankindersstraat 2
B - 9000 Gent
Reservations: +32 (0) 9 /266 13 24

11th May 2013, Saturday, 16.00h
(comissioned show, not open for general audience)

12th May 2013, Sunday, 15.00h
Muzenis/De Ruimte
Cliffordstraat 38
1051 GV Amsterdam
Reservations: + 31 (0) 20 4881010

15th May 2013, Wednesday, 14.30h
Poppentheater Toermalijn
Koetshuis Randenbroek
Heiligenbergerweg 113-II
Reservations: + 31 (0) 644556040

PRO RODOPI ART CENTRE (Bostina, Bulgaria)

a production with puppets for kids and parents
based on Bulgarian folklore fairytale

Written, Directed and Produced by PETAR TODOROV
Design of Puppets and Props by HANNAH SCHWARTZ

Choice of music Desislava Mincheva
Making of puppets Hannah Schwartz, Evgenia Lacheva
Making of props Petar Chekurov, Rumen Benkovski, Hannah Schwartz, Evgenia Lacheva
Consultant on Bulgarian Folk Music Ivan Pichurov
Consultant on Bulgarian Folk Dances Antoaneta Yaneva
Soundmix Roumen Chobanov
Assistant of director Yanko Husarov
An original music by Georgi Angreev has been used in the production too.

Garbage for Plums got so far following awards:
• Best Bulgarian production from the International jury at XIX International Puppet Festival ‘Two Are not Enough, Three Are too many’, Plovdiv (BG), Sept 2010
• 1st Prize for Best Bulgarian production from the Dutch jury at XIX International Puppet Festival ‘Two Are not Enough, Three Are too many’, Plovdiv (BG), Sept 2010
• Nomination for Ikar 2011 National Theatre Puppetry Awards for Desislava Mincheva
• Award for Best Actress for Desislava Mincheva at ‘Michail Lukatnik’ National Puppet Theatre Festival, Yambol (BG), April 2011
• Award for Puppet and Set Design for Hannah Schwartz at ‘Michail Lukatnik’ National Puppet Theatre Festival, Yambol (BG), April 2011
• The Acting Award for Desislava Mincheva at ‘Magic Curtain’ International Theatre Festival, Turgovishte (BG), May 2011

Duration: 45 min, no break.
So far the production has been presented with over 90 performances in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Spain, India.

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‘Garbage for Plums’ has been created as part of ‘Thalassa of Myths’ project with the financial support of Culture programme of Education and Culture GD of the European Union. ‘Thalassa of Myths’ is a project by Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies (Greece), Teatro Inverso (Italy), Centrul European de Educatie si Cultura “Artemis” (Romania) and Pro Rodopi Foundation (Bulgaria).

The production has been supported by Die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien MA7.

The Story

‘Garbage for Plums’ is a production with puppets for kids and adults built arround masterpieces of lovely Bulgaria folk music which is famous all over the world with its unique harmonies. It is a full of humour show based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore fairytale about a man who wanted to find a good and caring wife for himself. He chose a rather strange but clever way to do it. He went with his donkey from village to village, and offered an exchange of nice fresh juicy plums for house garbage. Lots of women came with piles of dirt, thinking that the man is crazy. At the very end a modest and beautiful girl came without garbage because in her house she could not find any – her home was very clean. The man was so happy and chose her as his beloved bride.

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