Physical theatre project by
Satores & Arepo Group

Satores, the professional tandem of Bulgarian director Petar Todorov & Slovene choreographer Gregor Kamnikar is arriving with a new performance, at their very best. Also this time with the Bulgarian performers Toni Pashova, Desislava Mincheva and Lyudmila Miteva excel in their exquisite performance. DELTA is a step further in their research in the field of the physical theatre with the means of the physical action. It is a structure of emotional landscapes, created by the tools of the human physicallity. Delta is the end of river where its water meets the sea. Place where the known and the unknown meet. The performance Delta digs deep into a human being, spreads out at the very end of a river of life and peeks into a big unknown that inevitably awaits each and every being: the DYING. The action takes us in the time-space of the very dying, in the metaphysical ‘body’ of the human unconsciousness and into the travel through the border states of the human body and spirit. But Delta is not a performance about Death or dying. It is about creator's emotional and irrational response to the fact that the human being is a mortal creature, that every single person sooner or later dissapears from the place people call 'our contemporary world'.

Delta in a way continues their previous performance named Anatomy of Extreme exploring border situations of a (woman) body naturally ending by the death. With a quite ambitious and brave task to go closer to the death - to plunge into the sea where time, place or desire do not matter at all - Satores are wittier, more powerful, surprising. Voice of the death (if there is such thing) is similar to the voice of the ancient times. They both seem safely far from our life. And they both attract us with unspeakable and undescribable force that is compactly and clearly expressed in both mentioned voices. And even if we want to suppress this force coming up in us, we cannot. The force is simply stronger then our individual will. Because this force is coming from the source of life. It is the life itself. We are made of that force. So there goes third thing that we like to push away from the NOW. This very force. It is just too strong to live it fully. When we do live it, when we let it be alive through us, it feels like burning, like cleansing, like dying, like making love. All that together in a single moment. In that single moment we are everything we were, we are and will be. In that sole moment there is no other moment. We are consumed by the moment and living of this force. This consumption scares us. And asks too much awareness, too much relaxation, too much letting go. We want to be in control of our life. And we are. As well. Still this force leads and permeates us. What matters is the matter itself. This is no place and no time for prejudice and compromise.

The performance goes where we all want to go, but we do not succeed to go: to the very now. Because there is totality of everything at the same time. And we are scared to be consumed by and be aware of it fully. Does this feel like river finally reaching its goal in flowing into the sea in the delta? This is a question raised by this project, on human and artistic level. A place between life and death is a place of Delta where the performance takes off and levitates in the mid-air, suspended by actions of the performers. Though void of any concrete reference to the outside world, the performance is imprinted in every pore of the spectator. Satores did their best to reach that state and deliver the experience they had (or better to say - they are having). By the way, the whole thing sounds very much like the behaviour of the Higgs field in the quantum physics. Life is River, Death is Sea, Delta is Human.