“Draw Me a Human” for Children with Disabilities (2022-23)

“Draw Me a Human” for Children with Disabilities (2022-23)

The project of Pro Rodopi Foundation – “Draw me a Human” for children with disabilities” is aimed at children with diseases and disabilities up to 10 years old, as well as at social workers and educators who take care of them through the provided social services.

The project offers interaction between artists, children with special educational needs, social workers and educators. It provides an access to art / incl. and as a therapeutic method and as a tool for socialization/ and interactive participation of the main target group – children, as well as providing social workers and educators with models for working with them.

The main activities of the project are 20 performances of the specialized show by Petar Todorov and Desislava Mincheva – “Draw me a Human” in 20 centers for children with disabilities /day care centers, social support centers, family-type accommodation centers, etc./ in the Smolyan, Kardzhali and Haskovo regions. The performances are accompanied by an interactive workshop “Play with me”, consulted with the professional child psychiatrist Dr. Zdravka Yaneva. The centers are located in Devin, Smolyan, Madan, Rudozem, Zlatograd, Nedelino, Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Momchilgrad, Kardzhali, Ardino, Dobromirtsi.

The project’s implementation period is November 2022-October 2023. The partners are “Complex of Social Services” – Zlatograd and the Municipality of Zlatograd. The coordinator of the project is Zdravka Pineva, psychologist, director of the “Complex of Social Services” – Zlatograd.Performances and workshops for children from the centers are free.

Funding is provided through the Socially Engaged Arts program of the National Culture Fund.

National Culture Fund Bulgaria

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