BALL Part 1

PRO RODOPI ART CENTRE (Bostina/Bulgaria)

Part 1

an object physical theatre production

Concept & Directed by Petar Todorov

Devised & Performed by Desislava Mincheva

Set Design Hannah Schwartz
Costume Design Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
Music Petya Dimanova
Light design Tomas Moravek and Katarina Duricova
Co-production Plovdiv State Puppet Theatre (Plovdiv/Bulgaria) and Zahrada Centre for Independent Culture (Banska Bystrica/Slovakia)
Produced by Petar Todorov

Duration: 35-40 min, no break

Created with the support by
Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, Pro Rodopi Foundation, SKOK Association Slovakia, Kiril Madzharov-1866 Community Centre

Special thanks to Nottingham Trent University and Robin Linklater

Link to short video:

For contacts:
Petar Todorov,,, +359 888 639923

“Ball”: Are these single cell organisms or celestial bodies dancing in hallucinatory slow motion? Tiny air bubbles or oversized balls? Are people playing with them or they playing with people? Whatever the case people are a part of a huge organism and indissolubly involved in this extraordinary physical performance. The show throws up questions about our relationship to Mother Earth: and afterwards, what happens when we cross over the border between an innocent game and an arrogant manipulation. This is nothing less than an emotional and sensual plea to save our Blue Planet! (Fidena 2014 Festival, Bochum/Germany)

BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
BALL Part 1
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