„Нарисувай ми човек“ (2021-22)

Draw Me a Human (2021-22)

The “Draw Me d Human” project includes the creation of a new theatrical production for children with special educational needs under the age of 12, entitled “Draw Me a Human” and its distribution in 10 different locations in Smolyan region, together with the interactive dance workshop “One Rhythm”. In the city of Smolyan will be held a training module for teachers, educators and parents of children with special educational needs by child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Zdravka Yaneva on the topic “Neurodevelopment – stages, skills development and disorders.”

The main partner of Pro Rodopi Foundation is the Regional Center for Support of the Inclusive Education Process in Smolyan. The project has a partner in the person of the Regional Department of Education – Smolyan.

The creative team that will realize the show consists of Petar Todorov (scriptwriter, director and producer), Hanna Schwartz (scenographer), Milen Apostolov (composer), Desislava Mincheva (development and performance), Dr. Zdravka Yaneva (child psychiatrist and consultant).

The new show with the working title “Draw Me a Human” is aimed at an audience of children and students with special educational needs up to 12 years of age. The goal is to stimulate their cognitive abilities by demonstrating skills, repeating and generalizing experiences.
The production will be based on the popular children’s poem “Dot, Dot, Comma…”, with reference to the popular psychological test “Draw-A-Man” by Florence Goodenough from 1926, which measures the level of cognitive abilities of children.

The rehearsal process will take place in the studio of Pro Rodopi Art Centre in the village of Bostina, Smolyan region. The production of decor, costumes, props will be carried out in Bostina, Smolyan and Sofia.

The interactive dance workshop “One Rhythm” aims to create conditions for interaction with the group of children, stimulate spatial orientation, increase concentration, develop social skills. The author of the workshop is the dance artist Rusi Yosifov.

The training module of the child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Zdravka Yaneva from “Child Mental Health” – Sofia on the topic “Neurodevelopment – stages, skills development and disorders” will provide basic knowledge in accessible to non-specialists in medicine and psychology basic language guidelines on the biological development of the brain, the subsequent acquisition of motor skills, language and cognition in children. The module will be held in the city of Smolyan, and RCPPPO-Smolyan will organize the presence of participants from the whole area of the same name.

The project coordinator is Tatyana Boshnakova, expert psychologist, director of the Regional Center for Support of Inclusive Education in Smolyan. The locations chosen by her for the performance and the workshop are 10 in 8 settlements in Smolyan district – Momchilovtsi, Smilyan, Devin, Madan, Rudozem, Nedelino, Zlatograd, Smolyan – 3.

The project is supported by the National Culture Fund through the “Socially Engaged Arts” Programme.

National Culture Fund Bulgaria

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