The CONCERT ( 2019 )

by Petar Todorov and Desislava Mincheva
a non-verbal production with puppets for all ages

Technical needs
Stage: minimum 6 m width/6 m depth, preferably black box stage (black floor, back, side certains)
Set-up & rehearsal time: 4-6 hours
Brake down: 1 h max
Sound: professional CD player (or possibility to plug-in our laptop), good loudspeakers and facilities (amplifier) to plug-in our wireless microphone
Light: A general lights needed (colours white, blue), about 15-20 fresnel spotlights
Other: one electric plug with extension cable on the stage, smoke machine

Assistance from hosts for setting-up stage, lights and sounds needed.
Facilities in space: dressing room with a mirror, access to running water & wc, shower (optional)
People on tour: 3 (director/producer/technician, actress, technician)
Accommodation: 1 double and 1 single rooms.

The concert 2019
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